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Sportende vrouwen

Your journey

Good to see that you're ready to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle at Energetic ! Please follow the steps below and join your desired fun and awesome workouts.

The First Steps

  1. 1. Sign Up

    Join Energetic by signing in via this link.

    Click on "View" and read and agree to the Terms and conditions and click on "Checkout".

  2. 2. Install Energetic

    After signup you will receive a link to download the Energetic app

    This app offers you the possibility to book (group) workouts, meet our community and much more...


  3. 3. Health Check

    Book a meeting with one of our instructors for a health check

    This health check gives you a clear insight to your current fitness level and also highlights the fields of your fitness that can be improved



  4. 4. Training Programme

    The instructor will build you a tailored training programme to reach your desired fitness goals

    No matter what your current fitness level is, our highly dedicated instructors will guide and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals as fast and safe as possible